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Members of Tax Day Tea Party 2010,

Late last week, we responded to the news of the establishment endorsing far left Republican Dede Sozzafava in the special election happening in New York's 23rd Congressional District. More than 10,000 Tea Party activists opened the email and we raised just under $4,000 in less than 30 hours.

As we just posted, we believe this race is symbolic in that it pits the establishment within the GOP against the true grassroots element of the liberty movement.

Because of the outpouring of support on this topic, we've decided to take it a step further here at We're going to combine efforts with the infrastructure of the and one of our newer projects, (one of the portions of will be released in beta form this week), to put together a hard hitting response to this declaration of war against the movement.

Thanks to your support, we've been able to pay travel expenses for our blogger crew to head to New York this entire week. We'll be reporting live from the ground for the remainder of the election, and we'll be posting constant updates throughout the week. We'll also be launching a new news project while on the road, and we'll be announcing a national collaborative statement project aimed at letting the establishment know how the movement feels regarding their recent actions against us.

Please consider helping us reach our new financial goal so that we can make all of this happen. Your help is, as always, greatly appreciated.

For Liberty,

NOTE: Contributions are processed through the American Liberty Alliance, the core sponsor behind The teap party movement, who's in charge?


So what’s the plan?

This is currently being discussed between 15 Tea Party organizers who were intimately involved in the 2009 effort that helped light a brushfire of liberty throughout the year. A conference call is being hosted on October 20th, 2009, to expand the size of the planning committee and begin solidifying the agenda. Once a coherent plan is put on paper and accepted by the committee, we’ll begin implementing the nationwide infrastructure in preparation for the Tax Day Tea Party of 2010.

Similarities & Differences

Will there be nationwide rallies on April 15th? Absolutely. But we’re hoping to see a consolidation in locations and a more unified effort across the board. Our strength and media attraction in 2009 was numbers. If we have 20 rallies that result in 200 people at each rally, there is a possibility that it will not attract as much attention. If there is one consolidated rally, however, with 4,000 people present, the event simply cannot be ignored.

With this in mind, it is currently being proposed that the Tax Day Tea Party events be hosted at each of the 50 state Capitals.

Cons: Long travel distances (here in Illinois, for example, it will mean a 3 to 4 hour drive for the 5,000 who came in 2009). We should keep in mind, though, that with half a year to plan this out, we can likely organize buses and transportation on a much larger scale.

Pros: State Capital rallies allow for a much more direct statement to elected officials. April 15th comes right after most of the nation’s primary election cycle. This means that we’ll have a very good idea of who the candidates are, who the incumbents are, and who voted for what.

Plus, with a central, single location to market in each state, we can unify and get the word out much easier.

So, in essence, the tentative plan does indeed call for rallies like we had in April of 2009. But there is more…

Unlike 2009, the Tax Day Tea Party of 2010 will be heavily focused on civic activism, get out the vote efforts and intense issue advocacy. The weekend before April 15th will consist of a full Saturday of nationwide education programs and discussion on candidates, issues, legislation, the constitution, pledges, and much more. On Thursday, April 15th, we will make a unified nationwide statement. On April 17th, we will launch a nationwide door to door campaign aimed at getting out the vote and organizing for the November election cycle.

State Based Infrastructure & Organization

We’ll fall back to many of the statewide coordinators for the Tax Day Tea Party 2009 where they exist and still wish to be a part of the effort. In many cases, however, a new state coordinator may be needed. There will also need to be “leadership groups” in place in each state to put together marketing campaigns, messaging plans and media kits.

Our goal at is to raise at least $2,000 per state, and give the funds to these state leadership groups. The funds will then be used for radio advertising and general event costs.

The Bottom Line

If we do this right. If we set aside any differences, check the egos at the door, and unify like never before, we can mount one of the largest get-out-the-vote campaigns our country has ever known.

There are a TON of incumbents that need to be knocked out of government. It’s our duty as Americans to take on this task and get the job done.

More updates will soon follow.

Next up, Naming ideas for teaparty members.

For Liberty,